Take care and train all emotional facets

To achieve the greatest possible harmony between mind, body and soul

A professional sports player’s career can be short-lasting and depends, in general, on individual and collective results. Professionals who want to triumph and be successful take special care of their physical shape. To do that, they rely on the experience and advice of the best nutritionists, trainers and coaches, who can bring out their best potential and talent.

However, in top-level sport the professionals who have the greatest achievements spend time working on their emotions and spirit as well as on the physical and emotional facets. Their objective is to achieve the greatest possible harmony between mind and body.

Life coaches work on the management of emotions, which can make the crucial difference between professional and personal success or failure.

Fame Managing

Fame and Money. The public side of some professionals’ lives often involves difficulties in terms of managing emotions.

Fame increases exposure to situations of personal risk. Situations which can condition an entire professional career and, above all, the present and future personal life of any sports player.

There are many examples of professionals whose lives became complete failures after having had it all.

  • Creating an atmosphere of complete trust and confidence between the coach and the sports player so that the latter can achieve the best results in professional and personal terms. Sports coaches are partners and confidants who sports players can trust completely.
  • Working by listening and activating the sports players’ emotional side to make it a resource for their professional performance and, of course, their growth as people.
  • Accompanying and advising sports players on their path to success, reinforcing their ability to deal with risks and challenges such as bad results, low performance, criticism, bad management of money and fame, relationships based on interest…
  • Giving sports players emotional tools to be able to reach a high degree of confidence in themselves, emotional stability and balance, conviction and happiness in order to achieve the best results and be able to deal with risks and challenges with confidence.
  • Working on sports players’ professional and personal reputation for them to become points of reference in society because of their sports achievements and human values.
  • Once fame and success have been achieved, teaching them to manage them efficiently and use them as resources and a bridge towards new professional and personal opportunities.
  • Helping to manage retirement from professional sport to make it a positive transition, full of possibilities for their next stage of life.
Persona Espaldas
  • Learning to be a better team player.
  • Self-confidence and less fear of making mistakes.
  • Taking up new ways of behaving and strategies for having greater self-confidence.
  • Achieving greater serenity and wellbeing.
  • Being prepared for failure and the lack of success and fame.
  • Learning what you could not learn earlier because success caught you by surprise.

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