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Management Coaching

In modern societies, business owners and managers are faced with increasingly complex situations, affecting multiple employees. In spite of the challenges, they need to guide their teams, toward achieving business objectives and increased profitability, growth, reputation, and a positive work atmosphere.

Achieving these objectives can be a challenge which requires specific leadership skills to resolve conflict, strengthen skills, manage contingencies, and take advantage of opportunities. These are all skills which ensures the business executivesuccess in to manage all their resources, specifically, the people.

Designed for
  • Business executives and managers who wish to carry out individualized transformation processes
  • Business leaders, managers, directors who want to develop general leadership skills to manage high-performance teams.
  • Families which have inheritance or generational change issues which call for assistance to help all the stakeholders manage the emotional processes which they are involved in successfully.
  • To identify, and incorporate general business or management skills, reinforcing strengths and turning weaknesses into virtues in order to achieve the best individual and collective professional results.
  • To manage and lead high-performance teams by actively listen, and use language as a transformational tool in personal and professional relationships.
  • To install effective conversation networks to perfectly coordinate actions which affect business activity.
  • To lead high-performance teams in the organization to achieve the best results.
  • To improve relationships with collaborators, co-workers, employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and shareholders.
Conferencia: “El éxito en la vida” para Air Europa y Club eXpats
Coach Miami
  • Isusi will accompany you on the transformation road, which will allow you to be a better person, be happier, live life to the fullest.
  • Isusi will incorporate a new perception based on love, which puts the emphasis on our ability to change and improve as individuals, and also in connection with our surroundings.
  • Isusi will help you get in touch with sensations and feelings which were part of your life, but which work and daily needs have pushed into second place.
  • Isusi will help you learn to manage extreme or stressful situations which often affect business management and affect close family and social surroundings.
  • Isusi will help you feel completely fulfilled and successful, with other people recognizing your values.
  • Isusi will help you find love for yourself and for others.

Do you want to enjoy Success?

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