Business Ontological Coach

Ignacio Isusi

Who is Ignacio Isusi

Leadership in success management in Spain, the United States and Latin America.

Isusi has trained in different areas, which has allowed him to acquire multidisciplinary learning. As well as being a Business Ontological Coach qualified at Newfield Consulting, Isusi has a degree in law from Deusto University, an MBA in Business Administration and Management from ESDEN Business School, a Master in Multimedia Journalism from the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU) and El Correo, and Director of Active Techniques and Psychodrama from The International Institute of Human Relations Dean and Doreen Elefthery.

Due to the diversity of my professional career, there are those who define me, in a generous way, as a “man of the Renaissance”. I am satisfied with being a good person who tries to live in values.

What Ignacio Isusi Does

After a professional career of more than twenty years as an entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist, business angel, and writer, all of Isusi’s energy and experience are aimed at growing as a person and helping others grow as well.

Working as a professional coach is Isusi’s passion, with one basic premise: accompanying people, with the highest skill, on processes of learning so that they can take their success further, along with their personal and professional skills.

Isusi’s method adapts to each person’s specific needs and allows them to use the tools which favor the efficient management of a successful life.

Coaching is for the strong of heart, for those who wish to grow as people, using their own work and ambition. I am waiting for you.

Isusi loves creating, building, and making personal and business ideas come true.

In 1997, at the age of 25, Isusi made the right decision when accepting an offer from a new market research and marketing company (Append, Market Research) for which he had worked as an interviewer during his last years at the university. A period in which he learned, grew, and took on responsibilities at an incredible speed. Isusi’s work and commitment made him a member of the Board of Directors and a partner in record time.

In 2003, Isusi’s partners and set up the ESDEN Business School APPEND (Marketing Research and Marketing) business group. Isusi directed and managed Grupo ESDEN-APPEND ‘s strategic and marketing development until 2011. During those years business activity was intense and enriching.

Isusi developed a particular sensitivity and intuition for finding creative solution for situations which seemed difficult to resolve. Isusi  also discovered that the key to good professional and personal management consists of understanding and respecting other people. Empathy and emotional intelligence is one of Isusi’s outstanding talents.

Having empathy is absolutely essential in effective coaching.

Between 2006 and 2008, along with two of partners, Isusi spent most of his time managing the sales and strategic negotiation process of family firms in the real estate, hotel, and energy sectors.

Business Angel

Isusi started to work as a business investor advising his first startup: a tea import business setup by some young people in Spain. At present Isusi owns capital in two startups which want to move into the American market.

Entrepreneur and Businessman
ESDEN Business School

ESDEN Business School, is an international business school with campuses in Spain, the United States, Mexico and Columbia. Providing coaching for pupils from different nationalities awoke Isusi’s interest in finding out about other cultures and developing his career in different countries. It was then that Isusi and his family decided to move to Miami.

Boyden, Executive Search

As a Boyden Consultant in the United States, I advise executives and other leaders at the highest levels of business

Bernardo de Gálvez Business Club

I have founded in the United States together with a group of businessmen, Bernardo de Gálvez Business Club, a business and investment club of which I am executive vice president and of which more than 300 high-level Spanish executives, businessmen and friends living in United states.

Learning from Illness

n 2010, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and for the year until she passed away I took care of her to the best of my abilities. It was a very painful experience, and something I also learned a lot from. After her death I decided to carry on accompanying people ill with cancer at hospital and also at their homes. Thanks to them, I keep on learning about the power of love to transform people and the world. My experience of the illness explains a great deal about my current personal and professional situation.

As a result of my mother’s illness and death, I devised and produced a film based on the last year of her life. The documentary “Marisa” is a story full beauty and all about love, life and death; it aims to help doctors, patients and families to live with cancer from a different perspective, stepping aside from fear and darkness.

All the profits from the documentary go to the Spanish Cancer Association, of which I am a member.

Sports and Culture
Executives to the Ring
Contact-sports club, Gasteiz Boxing Club

As a result of Isusi’s enthusiasm for sports and boxing in particular, in 2014 his long-term boxing trainer and himself started up a contact-sports club, Gasteiz Boxing Club. This sport is one of his passions. Isusi would never have been able to imagine how important the sport’s implicit values are, and that they would be able to teach him so many things that Isusi could make use of in the business world and in work teams. These values include the spirit of the culture of effort, the heart, patience, the importance of defining and setting a good strategy for physical and mental care, nutrition and relaxation…

Comedy show “La que se va armar.”
Theater School

It was also in 2014 that Isusi had a short experience as an actor at Teatro Ortzai school. Isusi’s interest in this artistic discipline has grown and enabled him to find out how important it is as a form of expression and communication. This area became a firm interest for him, and Isusi got to find out how it works. In fact, sometimes Isusi promote theater performances in Spain and the United States..

Ignacio is currently playing role Leandro in “La que se va a armar” comedy show Teatro 8.

“Detrás” book presentantion with Iñaki Azkuna

Isusi is also interested in literature. He likes to write and he has published two books of poems, “Detrás” (2012) y “Humano” (2014) . All the profits from both books go to the Spanish Cancer Association and Bakuva NGO, which deals with and looks after children who are in danger of exclusion.

Do you want to enjoy Success?

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