My Method

Time to Stop

Most people believe that coaching is only for people who have problems or some sort of difficulty in terms of leading a full professional or personal life. That is why it has been limited to just a small number of people.

Personal Growth

There is no need to feel bad before you start on a process of personal growth. Just as playing sports, yoga, meditation, Tai Chi and Qigong is recommended for everyone – and not just for people who are not at their best – coaching is a fantastic opportunity for learning. An experience which is available to anybody who wants to develop, to keep on growing as a human being.

The coaching process is particularly recommendable for people who, in spite of having the resources they need to live, keep on hearing an inner voice which encourages them to keep on exploring their knowledge and understanding of the meaning of life.


  • Giving yourself time to reflect and have conversations about what you cannot, must or know how to talk about with the people around you: family, friends, workmates…)
  • Listening to perspectives other than your own as a way of understanding life, and which help you to grow as a person.
  • Getting a wider knowledge of yourself and the world around you, becoming a more powerful observer of life.


  • Enjoying one of the most wonderful journeys in life.
  • Learning to live with greater serenity and fullness.
  • Understanding patterns of mental and emotional behavior.
  • Eliminating fears and beliefs which limit you.
  • Taking up new ways of behaving and strategies for having greater self-confidence.

“A process of coaching is a time to stop and listen to what is not possible to listen out of that space exclusive and reserved for special people.”

Ignacio Isusi


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