What is missing?

What does Ignacio Isusi offer?

When you have achieved success and still ask yourself what is missing, coaching may be the answer.

Starting a coaching process is like working out in your soul’s gym. The best results start with actions which are preceded by reflection shared with an honest person.

My method encourages the creation of exclusive conversation areas for giving value to business people, executives, sports players, and artists in helping to achieve or manage success efficiently, and within a framework of confidence and ethical commitment.

My method combines techniques learned for different disciplines such as language ontology, active techniques, role play, and psychodrama.


Teamwork allows you to learn things you had never imagined thanks to the evocative power of thoughts and feelings which anyone can have when sharing conversation spaces with a group.


In modern societies, business owners and managers are faced with increasingly complex situations, affecting multiple employees. In spite of the challenges, they need to guide their teams, toward achieving business objectives and increased profitability, growth, reputation, and a positive work atmosphere.

Sport players

A professional sports player’s career can be short-lasting and depends, in general, on individual and collective results. Professionals who want to triumph and be successful take special care of their physical shape. To do that, they rely on the experience and advice of the best nutritionists, trainers and coaches, who can bring out their best potential and talent.


Even though people say that if you are famous and rich you will be happy, it is not always like that. In fact, getting possessions, fame and recognition can mean a lot of unfamiliar problems and difficulties for people who are not part of this exclusive group of people.

Managing your own life is not easy in these circumstances, especially if they happen suddenly or when you are very young.

High Net Worth Families

Families which have inheritance or generational change issues which call for assistance to help all the stakeholders manage the emotional processes which they are involved in successfully.

Do you want to enjoy Success?

Are you a company, manager, sport player, high net worth families or artist looking for a coach to help you manage success?  Contact me to make an appointment to find out more about your situation and needs in a personal, direct way.