What is Success?

Having everything you need to be happy

Welcome to your new life

My name is Ignacio Isusi and I’m in love with my family, my friends, life and human beings. I use coaching to accompany people who want to make processes of change and personal and professional growth.

For me success is having everything you need to be happy, which means working on each person’s attitude to creating necessary resources, knowing how to get on with other people, adapting to your surroundings, being healthy and having inner peace, getting rid of your ego and the need for recognition.


My method adapts to each person’s specific needs and allows them to use the tools which favor the efficient management of a successful life.

For who?

For companies, managers, high net worth families, sport players and artists who face serious difficulties at some time.

Why me?

Isusi’s service vocation and life experiences have taught him all about the peculiarities and problems connected with success, as well as about the tools for managing it efficiently.


To enjoy success. Transforming yourself into a more powerful observer of the reality around you, improving your conversational skills, active listening, assertiveness and ability to empathize.

Do you want to enjoy Success?

Are you a company, manager, sport player, high net worth families or artist looking for a coach to help you manage success?  Contact me to make an appointment to find out more about your situation and needs in a personal, direct way.